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Near East Investment Makes a Difference in Real Estate!

Near East Investment Makes a Difference in Real Estate!

Near East Investment, as an investment company with high financial potential in the Northern Cyprus real estate sector, with important references with its growth and profitable investments, continues to serve investment consultancy, real estate purchase and sale, domestic and foreign customers, individual and institutional investors.

The company offers important opportunities to its customers by offering significant differences in the fluctuations in the real estate market due to the pandemic that has been going on for the last two years, in the leaps in housing sales and other real estate investments, despite the possible negative conditions.

Near East Investment Sales Manager Nermin Olgunsoy Gökyay gave important information about the changes in housing sales and the current market situation. He also gave information about the privileges and service model offered to customers as Near East Investment.

Olgunsoy said, “While real estate sales have been mostly in the form of detached houses, plots and land in the domestic market from the past year to today, buyers from Turkey have turned to more investment-oriented housing. In the foreign market, we have seen the demand of foreigners with third nationality to buy mostly holiday houses (apartment or detached) but mostly small affordable flats. It is also a fact that high-budget customers are still in the market, despite the decrease in purchasing power due to the economic contraction created by the pandemic. Regardless of the budget, the bargaining margin has increased due to both the pandemic and the strong stance of the currency against the Turkish Lira.

Therefore, house sales showed a positive rise despite the pandemic. It has been beneficial for the buyers that the banks regulate the housing loan interest rates according to the economic situation.

Near East Investment Sales Manager Nermin Olgunsoy Gökyay added the following regarding the housing sales in Northern Cyprus;

“Our customers are mostly foreigners from Russia and the former Soviet States, residents of the island, Turkish citizens and our local people.

After the pandemic, we have seen that our local and settled people generally tend to buy land, land and detached houses. We can clearly say that the reason for this is that people have lived in isolation for a long time in their homes during the pandemic and that they are relatively distant from their environment and seeking novelty. Our foreign nationals have caused them to want to invest for holiday purposes due to the fact that our country is a holiday island, sea, sun, clean air and Mediterranean climate, and because the real estate prices are relatively more affordable than many other countries. For this reason, as Near East Investment, we make the best use of these favorable conditions and serve our customers.

Olgunsoy also expressed the following about the services provided as Near East Investment and the company's future goals;

“As Near East Investment, we have a company policy that prioritizes the sale of our own products, as well as deals with the sale of foreign real estate. As I mentioned above, our own products; To explain these, land and lands, flats and residences belonging to Near East Investment, and our products that we took from the land, developed the project, built and offered for sale.

We offer and market our products to real estate agents operating both in the TRNC and abroad for them to work with us and sell them, as well as to our own buyers.”

As Near East Investment, with the strength of our reputation in the sector and being a trustworthy company, to reach more people who want to buy and invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus, to work as a solution partner with local and foreign real estate offices operating in this sector, and to develop our products in this sector in which we operate. We continue our work with the aim of reaching more buyers.

While our company is actively involved in the field, we create a versatile access channel by constantly incorporating innovations in technology into our services. Our recently launched Mobile application is one of them. Thanks to the Near East Investment mobile application, we offer convenience to users, enabling them to easily access real estate, real estate and vehicle advertisements, receive offers and access the latest portfolios on mobile.” said.

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