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Near East Investment Attended Koopfest 2021 Festival!

Near East Investment continues to serve domestic and foreign customers with investment consultancy in individual and corporate areas, and real estate buying and selling activities.

Near East Investment, an investment company with high financial potential in the Northern Cyprus real estate sector, with important references with its growth and profitable investments, will take place in congresses, fairs and seminars in the upcoming periods with an active marketing strategy in order to introduce its products to more audiences, as well as personalized services. aims to achieve its goals.

In line with this purpose, Near East Investment, which participated in Koopfest 2021 held at Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel last weekend, introduced its products to the visitors at the three-day festival held every year by the Istanbul Pharmacists Cooperative and with the participation of pharmacist partners.

Near East Investment Sales Manager Nermin Olgunsoy Gökyay said the following about the event;

“We attended Koopfest 2021, which was held at Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel on September 1-30, with the Near East Investment stand. This event is considered as a holiday festival presented by the Istanbul Pharmacists Cooperative to its 500 members who buy the most products from the pharmacy warehouse in a year. We had the opportunity to explain and introduce our products to the guests attending this festival. We are preferred in the real estate field because our country is a holiday island, because of the sea, sun, clean air and Mediterranean climate, and because the real estate prices are relatively more affordable than many countries. In such events, we have the opportunity to meet with visitors one-on-one by promoting our real estate consultancy, real estate buying and selling services and loan products.

It was gratifying that we have customers from Turkey and abroad who want to invest for holiday purposes and show interest in our portfolio.

For this reason, we aim to open a stand in cooperation with Global Master Tourism in new events, congresses and seminars to be held in the future, and to bring our products together with the participants and to spread them.” said.

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